Can anyone go to an auction?
Most auctions are public events, and everyone is welcome, although some auto auctions only allow dealers.
What advice would you give to a first time auction attendee?
Don’t be intimidated. You don’t have to be experienced to enjoy an auction. Relax, have fun, observe, and ask questions. We are ready to welcome and help you.

What kinds of items are sold at auctions?
If something can be sold, it have probably been sold at an auction.

What must I do to attend a auction?
When you arrive at the auction site look for the registration area, where you must provide adequate identification to receive a bidder's number. You may also receive a list of terms and conditions, a listing of the items, and a schedule. Your bidding number must be shown to the auctioneer each time you bid and when you are the winning bidder.

How do I know how much to bid?
It is important to arrive at the auction early enough to inspect the items you are interested in, since many auctions sell items as-is. It is critical that you examine items for condition, size, color, and other details. Based on your examination, establish a value in your mind.

How and when do I pay the items I purchased?
Different auction companies work in different ways, but at Jack Robillard Auctioneers and Appraisers you pay for your items when you are ready to leave. Payments may be made with cash, credit card, debit card, or personal check (with proper approval).

What about removal of items from the auction?
When you buy an item at auction you are responsible for it. It is important that you put the merchandise in a safe area. All items need to be removed the day of the auction. If you need assistance to load large items into your vehicle, simply ask one of the Robillard personnel.

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