Reliable Appraisal Services and Property Assessments

Determine the real value of your property with appraisal services and property assessments from Jack Robillard Auctioneers and Appraisers in Charlotte & Lee Counties, Florida and Grand Rapids, MI. We have the experience, knowledge, and training to assess what your possessions are really worth.

Court-Appointed Appraisers

Trust the experts that the courts call in during divorces and related cases. We are true experts who give you a realistic assessment of what your property is worth.

Fair Market Value - Property Assessments

Useful and Accurate

Plan your finances with expert advice to help you make the right decisions. Our services can aid greatly with matter such as:

• State Tax
• Inherence
• Family Division
• Gift Tax
• Resale

Uniform Standards

Be sure your appraiser follows industry standards in determine the value of your property. We offer several different types of evaluation, including:

• New or Used Replacement Cost
• Orderly Liquidation Value
• In-Place Value
• Desktop Option or Review
• Auction Value
• Fair Market Value

Free Verbal Appraisal

Get a general idea of what you will get at auction. We walk through your house and provide you with a free verbal appraisal. If you wish to proceed to auction, we can draw up a contract and go from there.

Contact us in Charlotte & Lee Counties, Florida or Grand Rapids, MI, to determine the value of your possessions with an appraisal from an accredited auctioneer.